Flamenco Lírico

The Flamenco Lírico Project started in Hamburg in 2013 when the soprano Aylén Bárbara Gerull decided that a fusion of flamenco guitar and classical singing would be a beautiful idea.
She worked with many guitarists from Hamburg (including Ferdinand Feil, Max Herzog and Antonio Vito) and dancers (Nusret Ismailov) and noticed that it does indeed sound very beautiful and that it is a unique combination. For this reason she went to Seville to learn more and develop the project further. In Seville she met Antonio Jiménez Cuenca who arranged the song cycle “13 Canciones Antiguas” for her. From now on, the Flamenco Lírico project can be experienced with various musicians. From the duo with flamenco guitar and soprano to a larger line-up in which not only opera singing and flamenco guitar meet each other, but also a flamenco singer sings duets with the soprano.